Wheelhouse Collective | Columbus, OH

Videography services for companies of all sizes

Authentic, real-motion captured. We convey your vision with an authenticity to your brand and deliver with the exact feeling or point of view you desire. Linking that individual mission with passion and visual simulation is our wheelhouse. Whether it’s a dramatic cinema creation or a simple, but high-quality recording, our goal is to deliver in the highest quality using the latest technology and equipment possible. From static recording, corporate culture, aerial drone work, to cinema-style storytelling your video needs are covered in our wheelhouse. This video on the left shows more visual effects (VFX) editing with a custom music score and animation highlighting our teams capabilities. 

Promo Videos

Let Wheelhouse collaborate on your next big deal. We’ll come in and create exciting promotional videos for your web and social campaigns. Under 1 minute, these videos are produced to entice your business audience with high quality visual presentation. A stand alone service, or part of a package, this style is our favorite to produce. This video will be the feature of your online presence.



Full production television spot commercials are the most unique way to present you business in an authentic, impactful way. We all know green screen and cheesy scripting is not going to bring your business past 1999, we’ll help you stay relevant and produce a captivating showcase of what you do best. These 30 second TV spots are great to set up for your next marketing spot but can also be used for e-commerce.

talking head

We believe that “talking head” style videos should be more than a camera filming someone speaking. We work with our clients to bring their interview or instructional type video needs to life. Utilizing complimentary lighting, interesting locations, we are experts at making these videos stand out of the normal. We believe in making documentary style filming interesting and creating a lasting impression. 


Special Projects

Special projects are our way to create high quality video that truly represent your product or business that may not fit the mold or usual standard. Start by telling us what unique needs you have. We have experience with drones/ aerial photo and video, 360 degree real estate, model rendering, underwater photo and video, long-term time-lapse and more. Let us create your unique perspective and tell your story.


click gallery below to watch sample video work

Just a few videos reflecting our work and our clients projects. From creating an inspiring message, to showcasing a new product, we have you covered with unique cinema and editing alike. Watch one of our  quick videos, and click the arrows to browse what is next.

Contact us for if you’d like to see more of our work in longer versions.

“Our annual award ceremony was changed for the better with the quality and interesting work that Jared brought to our organization. We didn’t know there was a difference in a video interview. Changing the video style brought life to our annual dinner and truly represented the employees that we were honoring in a unique way.”