Wheelhouse Collective | Columbus, OH

VFX and Animation to liven your video project

Enhancing the visual experience. Giving a presence a step above reality. Taking your image to the next level is what our visual effects artists do best. When real film shooting merges with enhanced or animated imagery, VFX is born in post-production editing. Think anything that couldn’t be done in a live-action shoot, from simple transitions, or an addition of text or logo, or a full out animated sequence can all be flawlessly created within our wheelhouse. This video on the left shows more visual effects (VFX) editing with a custom music score and animation highlighting our teams capabilities. 

 “Using our corporate brand identity in our videos was necessary in our special project. The delivery and execution of adding our logo and branding seemed too simple. The creative team at Wheelhouse Collective was able to bring our logo and brand to life in  animations and sounds that made our presentation stand out from competition at our recent trade shows. We feel this was our best one yet because the team at Wheelhouse took it to the next level to make our brand stand out.”