Wheelhouse Collective | Columbus, OH

Audio services that let you be heard.

What is heard can tell a story on its own, give a sense of feeling, or share a message. Capturing high-quality audio, state of the art recording technology makes your investment a solid one. The audio aspect of visual storytelling makes it more compelling, ensuring your vision is communicated effectively. Not as simple as one may think, audio services may include voice over, sound effects, music selection, custom scores and more. The narrative behind your project is an important one. Ensuring your message is crisp and clear is our wheelhouse. 

“When deciding to do a television commercial contract, we wanted something that made you want to stop, look, and listen. Wheelhouse Collective was able to fully produce a series of commercials over the last 3 years that continue to bring clients in our door. By having a great team that writes script, does the filming and editing, and voice over work, we are seen and heard as a business.”

-Midwest photo exchange